Sports Massage Luton

Are you looking for a Sports Massage to speed up recovery, reduce soreness, prevent injury or improve mobility?


Please note due to the Corona Virus Pandemic we have made the decision to suspend all face to face appointments until April 20th. All appointments will be conducted via our E-Clinic until that time.

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage is an effective technique for releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. We use this type of massage in order to release tension and tightness within the body helping all perform better, recover faster and prevent injury.

A common tool for injury prevention Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage is not only valuable for athletes but can serves as support us all in keeping flexible, healthy, supple and free from pain.

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Anyone who is looking to improve their performance (in sport or any other area of life) does so by adopting an increased schedule specific to their sport or needs, often this involves a regime aimed at enhancing skill, endurance, strength, speed or other metrics.

This increase in demand can lead to the body experiencing additional stress and controlled overuse. When sports massage  therapy is included in this regime we can aid performance and decrease injury risk.

Our Sports Massage Therapists can help to reduce your fatigue, alleviate swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, prevent injury and prepare your body for life and sport. Sports massage therapy can be used before or after an athletic event and many athletes use it regularly as an integral part of their training regime for injury prevention and recovery.


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