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We are proud to offer our Virtual Health E-Clinic for patients worldwide who are unable to travel to clinic due to location, time constraints or situation. Our virtual pain and injury service exists to ensure you get the quality of care you deserve and are able to reach your clinical recovery goals as desired.

Our E-Clinic appointments are conducted through our clinic management video software where we are able to fully explore your symptoms, history and needs, conduct a live virtual examination, provide you with a diagnosis and finally provide you with a treatment plan to accelerate your recovery from pain/injury. All you need is a device with a camera such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet.

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We understand that it is important to fully understand your story, history, needs and desires. For this reason, we always schedule 45 minutes for the initial consultation so that we can ensure that we get the detail we need to optimise your recovery. We aim to work with your through the process and will provide a thorough plan to enable you to reach your goals. Post consultation you will receive an email with a summary of what was discussed and the first part of your rehabilitation programme. 

In a world so fast paced and mobile we highly value to ability to offer E-Clinic appointments as it enables us to continue to get exceptional results with our clients no matter how hectic their travel schedules are from work/sport.

Bookings for the E-Clinic can be made via the online booking portal below. Should you require any additional information please contact the clinic on 01582 318980 or by emailing admin@hardimanperformance.com.

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We are a team. We work with you to deliver you the outcome you deserve. Decrease pain, recovery from injury and a return to your best.

We listen. Without understanding your story, how you got to this point and what your goals are, how would it be possible to truly help you? For this reason, on your initial consultation, you will sit down with one of the team who will take a thorough case history and examination.

No rushing. We allow for plenty of time to truly understand your needs, however complex, discuss any concerns, provide you with a detailed explanation of your current complaint and if appropriate begin treatment to get you on the path to recovery. We believe in resilience over reliance.

We always aim to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed not only in the short term but the long term. This means we focus on building stronger, more mobile, more fit and more educated patients.

We aim to, within an appropriate period of care, get you functioning at a level and with the confidence to not need our constant care. We want you out there performing and functioning with independence. Your body is strong, resilient and amazing. 

Whatever the pain or injury, at Hardiman Performance, our osteopaths aim to help you recover in a timely and efficient manner that suits your current life. From office worker to athlete, if you work with our team, we will take you from a position of survive mode and take you back to a place where you can thrive again.




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