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May, 2016

Acupuncture For Shoulder Pain

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Medical Acupuncture is just one of the modalities we use at the Hardiman Performance Clinic for the management of shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is complex but that doesn't mean it's treatment has to be complicated. We use a combination of treatment approaches to manage your shoulder pain. Every painful shoulder is different but Acupuncture may be one option if you are suffering with shoulder pain. Below is a quick video…

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Feb, 2016

How to Become a Productivity Machine

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We all have limited resources, limited time and limited bandwidth. Our time is simply our greatest asset and making good use of that time (for whatever purpose you chose) is something many of us find very difficult. "There isn't enough…

setting goals to get results


Jan, 2016

One way to ensure you get results

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It's the new year and that mean's one thing and one thing only..... It's goal setting/resolution time for most (or for 37% of the British population not goal setting time). YES according to a recent survey 37% of us Brit's decide to abstain from the resolution/goal setting hype. Us Brits seem to be serial abstainers. But I can't work out why. The new year serves as a perfect time to improve yourself. The new…

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Dec, 2015

What Conor McGregor taught us about injury recovery

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If you haven't heard of Conor McGregor there is a high chance you have been hiding under a rock in the middle of nowhere for the last 2 years. Conor McGregor is the interim UFC featherweight champion. He is the Irish superstar who has taken the world of combat sports by storm. His appeal however extends far beyond the combat sports realm and for that reason he has built an army…

turning into zombies through lack of movement


Oct, 2015

How Our Lack Of Movement Is Turning Us Into Zombies

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People like to people watch. It is in our nature. It's a muscle we must exercise, a itch we must scratch. We are curious creatures. I am not immune to people watching. I admit to sitting in coffee shops, window facing, watching the world go by. Wondering what everyone is doing with their days, why they are rushing, where they are going. It's relaxing. Helps me clear my mind. Regain focus. I…

back pain series


Oct, 2015

The Back Pain Series

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BACK PAIN SERIES My top 5 all time favourite stretches for back health. Get stuck in. Have a play with them and find one that works for you. Once you have found it, double down on it and master it. Then reap the pain relief benefits. Enjoy kidos! SUPINE PSOAS STRETCH Sitting all day ultimately leads to tight hips. Tight hips can lead to a painful back. More detail about…