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Dale Hardiman M.Ost – Principle Osteopath

Dale specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury. Of particular note Dale has a keen clinical interest in the management and rehabilitation of back, neck and shoulder pain. His focus is to help patients get back to a position where they can function optimally and enjoy their bodies again.

Dale is a sports injury specialists and has vast experience working with sports men and women of all levels including numerous international and professional athletes in a range of sports. As a former professional athlete, Dale believes that clinical experience combined with his understanding of the demands placed on athletes physically, emotionally and psychologically first hand, is what leads to exceptional results with his patients.

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Hima Padhiar M.Ost – Specialist Female Osteopath

As a practitioner she has a deep and intuitive understanding of the human body and its healing capacity leading to a keen interest in understanding how restrictions, old injuries and lifestyle factors may lead to pain and dysfunction.

Hima always tailors treatment to the patients needs mainly using a combination of structural, visceral and functional approaches. She is also particularly passionate about treating hypermobilty, visceral disorders along, headaches, migraines and women’s health complaints. Hima is a specialist in taping, dry needling and cupping.

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Practice Manager Hardiman Performance Luton

Debbie Hill – Practice Manager

Debbie is responsible for the smooth running of the team and the practice.  Should you have any inquiries which Lorraine is unable to help with, Debbie is always available to contact. Debbie’s excellent customer service lead to Hardiman Performance making the final of the East of England Business Awards in the customer service category.

Lorraine Dobbs – Front of House

Lorraine will likely be your first point of contact when dealing with our team. She is exceptionally friendly, helpful and organised. Should you have any inquiries Lorraine is always available to contact.


Appointments are available to book with our team using the online system below or by calling 01582 318980.