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12Oct, 2016

How To Floss Your Sciatic Nerve

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Fed up with Sciatica? Me too! This video will teach you how to use sciatic nerve flossing to help eradicate that horrible sciatic for good. Sit tight as this might be one of the most important few minutes of video you have ever watched. The Sciatic nerve can cause all sorts of mischief but you can teach it to behave. Check out the exercise below and learn how to floss your Sciatic nerve for maximum relief and movement freedom. We use this every day in the clinic. Why? Because it […]

What is Sciatica - Hardiman Performance
6Aug, 2015

What is sciatica?

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  What is sciatica? Simply put Sciatica is pain into the posterior (back of) thigh and leg caused by chemical (inflammation) or mechanical (compression) irritation of the sciatic nerve (or nerve roots) which form the sciatic nerve. What are the symptoms? Band like, electric shooting pain into the back of the thigh, leg and into the foot. The medical term for this pain is radicular pain. You may often also experience areas of numbness/tingling/altered sensation (usually in the leg and foot) , muscle fasciculations (little twitches in muscles), and weakness in the […]