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12Oct, 2016

How To Floss Your Sciatic Nerve

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Fed up with Sciatica? Me too! This video will teach you how to use sciatic nerve flossing to help eradicate that horrible sciatic for good. Sit tight as this might be one of the most important few minutes of video you have ever watched. The Sciatic nerve can cause all sorts of mischief but you can teach it to behave. Check out the exercise below and learn how to floss your Sciatic nerve for maximum relief and movement freedom. We use this every day in the clinic. Why? Because it […]

turning into zombies through lack of movement
30Oct, 2015

How Our Lack Of Movement Is Turning Us Into Zombies

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People like to people watch. It is in our nature. It’s a muscle we must exercise, a itch we must scratch. We are curious creatures. I am not immune to people watching. I admit to sitting in coffee shops, window facing, watching the world go by. Wondering what everyone is doing with their days, why they are rushing, where they are going. It’s relaxing. Helps me clear my mind. Regain focus. I observe movements, patterns, behaviours. Each one in itself no more significant than the next but fascinating regardless. It is the […]

Who shall i see for back pain
16Feb, 2015

Who to see for back pain

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  Back pain can be a pain in the bum…..quite literally.  It can prevent us from doing what we want with our lives and enjoying the things that mean the most to us.  We don’t know whether to rest, take pain killers, move more, see a doctor or physio. This article attempts to outline who to see for back pain and why. There are many types of back pain and back pain can be caused by many different processes in the body.  The type we are going to focus on […]