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turning into zombies through lack of movement


Oct, 2015

How Our Lack Of Movement Is Turning Us Into Zombies

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People like to people watch. It is in our nature. It's a muscle we must exercise, a itch we must scratch. We are curious creatures. I am not immune to people watching. I admit to sitting in coffee shops, window facing, watching the world go by. Wondering what everyone is doing with their days, why they are rushing, where they are going. It's relaxing. Helps me clear my mind. Regain focus. I…

What does an osteopath do? -Hardiman Performance


Aug, 2015

What is an osteopath?

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Recently, it has become more apparent to me that lots of you really have no idea what an osteopath is, does or how we can help you with your pain. I have been answering the question, "what is an osteopath?" so much, that I thought I may as well put my words into text for your enjoyment and reference. On that note....... What is an Osteopath? An osteopath is a primary…