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change your mindset around pain
8Oct, 2015

Looking At Your Pain From Another Angle For A Better Outcome

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My pain stops me from going to the gym. I used to be able to play football with the kids but can’t anymore because I know it will hurt my back. I had to can’t run anymore because it was causing more damage. I have been told that rest is best for me. Don’t want to keep irritating it. It’s just going to get worse over time. Sound like anyone you know? Sound like you? Ever wondered why despite all the rest, stopping of all the activities you love and continual lifestyle changes, your pain continues to […]

What is Sciatica - Hardiman Performance
6Aug, 2015

What is sciatica?

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  What is sciatica? Simply put Sciatica is pain into the posterior (back of) thigh and leg caused by chemical (inflammation) or mechanical (compression) irritation of the sciatic nerve (or nerve roots) which form the sciatic nerve. What are the symptoms? Band like, electric shooting pain into the back of the thigh, leg and into the foot. The medical term for this pain is radicular pain. You may often also experience areas of numbness/tingling/altered sensation (usually in the leg and foot) , muscle fasciculations (little twitches in muscles), and weakness in the […]