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addiction to exercise
29Dec, 2015

My 12 year drug addiction

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Today I am going to share with you something I have never told anyone, ever. Something that is a secret and that I carry with me every single day. Something that alters every decision I make, changes the way I act and influences my health physically, mentally and emotionally. Hold on tight….because things are about to get interesting. For the last 12 years  I have been addicted to a very powerful drug. A drug that I have been using in some form or another for most of my life. A drug which is potentially the […]

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11Dec, 2015

What Conor McGregor taught us about injury recovery

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If you haven’t heard of Conor McGregor there is a high chance you have been hiding under a rock in the middle of nowhere for the last 2 years. Conor McGregor is the interim UFC featherweight champion. He is the Irish superstar who has taken the world of combat sports by storm. His appeal however extends far beyond the combat sports realm and for that reason he has built an army of loyal followers and fans all over the world. He in my opinion the biggest star in the sport of […]

turning into zombies through lack of movement
30Oct, 2015

How Our Lack Of Movement Is Turning Us Into Zombies

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People like to people watch. It is in our nature. It’s a muscle we must exercise, a itch we must scratch. We are curious creatures. I am not immune to people watching. I admit to sitting in coffee shops, window facing, watching the world go by. Wondering what everyone is doing with their days, why they are rushing, where they are going. It’s relaxing. Helps me clear my mind. Regain focus. I observe movements, patterns, behaviours. Each one in itself no more significant than the next but fascinating regardless. It is the […]