Rehabilitation refers to the use of exercise and manual therapies in order to restore function, strength and control after a traumatic injury or surgery. Our rehabilitation specialists will assess your injury and discuss your goals enabling us to collaboratively tailor a realistic rehabilitation program together.

The road back to health is never easy following an injury but our rehabilitation specialists endeavor to allow you to smoothly transition throughout the process in the least traumatic way.  We are here to give you the knowledge, guidance and extra motivation when things get tough but really place the emphasis on you to actively take part in the rehab process.  This is vital for full recovery and returning to your top level of performance.

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Our rehabilitation team will also use their hands both to investigate the underlying causes of pain and to carry out treatment using a variety of manual techniques. These may include muscle and connective tissue stretching, rhythmic joint movements or high velocity thrust techniques to improve the range of motion at a joint.

Our only goal is the goal you hold. If that goal is to return to professional sport stronger, fitter and more robust then we are here to make that happen. If your goal is return to walking in a pain free way following major surgery then we are here to support you through that. The advice, knowledge and expertise from our rehabilitation team coupled with your will and effort is what makes this partnership work.


Rehabilitation Initial Consultation£49
Rehabilitation Follow Up 30 minutes£45
Rehabilitation Initial Consultation with Lead Osteopath£55
Rehabilitation Follow Up with Lead Osteopath£50
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"If pain is holding you back from performing at your optimum then we are here to help"