Postural Pain

Postural Pain

Postural pain is very common due to the repetitive and prolonged sedentary use of our bodies during modern day life. A direct result of an increased rise in sitting, the use of computers, games consoles and smart phones combined with a decrease in overall activity levels.

Areas which are commonly effected due to posture include your neck, back, shoulders and headaches.

With postural pain, it is common for some muscles to be weak and elongated, others to be tight and strong and for joints to be restricted and painful.

Commonly the areas of weak, elongated muscles and the areas which correlate with pain.

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Postural Pain Treatment

During the initial consultation our osteopaths will fully examine your posture to assess whether any postural changes may be involved with your symptoms.

Treatment is individual, stretching and massaging muscles which are tense and using other techniques to improve joint range of motion to help ease some of the discomfort.

Our osteopaths may work also prescribe rehab type exercises which may focus on strength building, joint motion or muscle lengthening depending on what is required for your symptoms.

Occasionally X-rays, scans or other tests may be required and your osteopath may refer you to your GP for any additional investigations and treatment.