Personal Training

Are you looking for personal training in Luton or the surrounding areas?

At Hardiman Performance we help people like you become the best version of themselves and enjoy the performance benefits, physical and mental that normally only elite athletes get to enjoy.

We know that quality training is much more than just the odd hour session where you turn up, move heavy objects or get a sweat on.

At Hardiman Performance we design and deliver training programmes unique to you, specific to your goals and build to serve you around your lifestyle.

We help you develop strength, power, speed, agility, mobility, better movement patterns and function resulting in increased physical and mental performance but more importantly a body that feels comfortable, stable, robust and fit to serve you well in whatever you choose to do in life.

We help our clients achieve life changing results whilst optimising your body’s natural-function and increasing your performance in life, work and sport.

At Hardiman Performance we place great value on education and strive to educate you on your lifestyle, habits, and routines giving you the tools you need to progress your training outside of our facility and thrive in life.

It has been our experience that educating and empowering our clients helps them to develop confidence, self esteem, self motivation and enjoyment of training and it is this that makes them more successful at achieving their goals both in the short and long term.

Below are some examples of areas which you may wish to focus on.

Specific Areas of Training Focus

Weight management

Balance & Posture

Speed Training

Mobility & Flexibility

Prehab / Injury Prevention

Reaction Training

Cardio (VO2 Max Training)

Rehab / Return to sport


Joint Stability

Strength & Power Training

Movement Patterns


What to expect (Initial consultation)

We like to provide a free initial consultation to get to understand you, your needs, training history and goals. Typically this can last between 30 minutes up to an hour. During this time we will delve into your daily habits; health history, activity levels, hydration, diet, sleep, personal goals, amongst other things with the aim of unlocking any barriers that might have held you back in the past.

Depending on your goals we can also go through an additional biometric screening that will measure height, weight, body fat, heart rate, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and include a functional movement screen to assess current ability and function. The movement screen may give us some key areas that we can focus on to help you reach your goals faster.

This image is a photograph of Lewis Bruton, a personal trainer in Luton who works at Hardiman Performance

Once the consultation is complete we will speak to you more about how we can help you and what to expect of us when training with you.

If you chose to work with us, a bespoke training program will be created specifically for you, built around all of the information gathered at the consultation and structured to bring you ever closer to your goals.

Every 6 weeks we will sit down with you, reassess and restructure the training based on progression, current goals and results.

All training sessions are 1 hour in duration and are conducted in our purpose built private exercise 1-2-1 studio at Hardiman Performance.

As mentioned previously the focus of the training will be to achieve your personal goals. These may include weight loss, strength gain, better mobility, less pain, increased physical performance, better mental health etc. Ultimately we aim to prepare your body and mind to cope with the demands placed on it during work, life and sport.

Prices & Packages

  • Single sessions – £60

 Monthly Memberships

Sessions Per Week


Per session

1 session(s) PW (4 x pm)



2 session(s) PW (8 x pm)



3 session(s) PW (12x pm)



You can book your free personal training consultation, at a time suitable to you using the online booking form below.