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back pain series


Oct, 2015

The Back Pain Series

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BACK PAIN SERIES My top 5 all time favourite stretches for back health. Get stuck in. Have a play with them and find one that works for you. Once you have found it, double down on it and master…

over imaging and chronic pain


Sep, 2015

How Over Investigations Can Lead To Chronic Pain

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CHRONIC PAIN Classically chronic pain is defined as any pain which persists for 12 weeks or longer. How long is longer? As long as a piece of string........literally. Chronic pain can last anywhere from a few months, few years or even a whole life time. Chronic pain however is not only defined by its duration..... True chronic pain is persistent pain which is no longer associated with nociception (pain signal from tissues) but rather altered…

What is Sciatica - Hardiman Performance


Aug, 2015

What is sciatica?

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  What is sciatica? Simply put Sciatica is pain into the posterior (back of) thigh and leg caused by chemical (inflammation) or mechanical (compression) irritation of the sciatic nerve (or nerve roots) which form the sciatic nerve. What are the symptoms? Band like, electric shooting pain into the back of the thigh, leg and into the foot. The medical term for this pain is radicular pain. You may often also experience areas…