Neck Pain


We use our bodies so repetitively in ways we are not designed for and sometimes this can lead to chronic neck pain and a result of postural causes.

Staying in prolonged postures (for example – sitting at a desk all day) can lead to shortening and chronic contraction of certain muscles, lengthening and weakening of others and associated pain.

This muscular pain may lead to restrictions in movement and can occasionally irritate the nerves passing through the neck which supply the arm. This may cause pain and pins and needles in the arm or hand.

At Hardiman Performance our staff our experts in the assessment of posture and will be able to diagnose the source of your pain, it’s cause and provide you with effective treatment to decrease your symptoms.


Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are headaches which are related to pain coming from musculoskeletal structures in your neck. This can be a muscle, joint, ligament or disc.

These structures can refer pain into your head, face and eyes giving you all the classic signs of a headache. It is usual to notice an increase of symptoms on neck activity or a tightness/decrease in neck range of motion with a cervicogenic headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches are most commonly one sided and can cause symptoms into the base of skull, eyes, forehead, temple or top of skull regions.

If you are suffering with a headache and want to know the route cause and benefit from effective treatment to the area then our team are ready to help you today. Due to the nature of cervicogenic headaches they respond very well to our osteopathic approach to treatment at Hardiman Performance Luton.

Joint Irritation

Have you ever had a crick in your neck? Yeah me too. This pain and restriction is very common and is caused by irritation of the joint surfaces or capsule of the joint in the neck.

This commonly occurs after sleeping with your neck in a awkward position (in a car or on a plane) and/or over extending/rotating your neck.

This leads to a slight bit of inflammation which causes the muscles in the area to go into spasm. Although the symptoms may feel quite severe, there is rarely any lasting damage and the symptoms, with the right management will be short lived.

Our osteopaths at Hardiman Performance are highly skilled in the art of manual therapy, more specifically manipulation. Symptoms caused from a crick in the neck commonly respond very well to this type of treatment approach.

Neurological pain

Occasionally when you have neck pain it may also cause neurological symptoms into one or both arms/hands. These symptoms may include pins and needles, numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle twitching and shooting pains.

The nerves that supply the arm leave the spine from the neck and are therefore sometimes irritated on transit. There are many reasons for irritation which may include muscle tightness, joint inflammation, disc injury, arthritis and rib issues.

If you are experiencing these types of symptoms our osteopaths will complete a thorough neurological examination to determine the cause of the symptoms and provide focussed treatment to the area in need.

If however we feel other care is required in which we cannot provide we will refer you straight to the relevant professional.


Some neck pain can be caused by structures which are non musculoskeletal.  You can take reassurance however that most neck pains are benign and respond very well to our osteopathic treatment at Hardiman Performance. There are however some neck pains which may need to be looked at by other specialists outside of our practice.

Our osteopaths use the most up to date clinical testing to screen for any concerning symptoms. At Hardiman Performance we always make sure that our patients get the best care, so if we cannot personally help you with your neck pain we will make sure that you see the right person who can.