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increase your productivity
1Feb, 2016

How to Become a Productivity Machine

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We all have limited resources, limited time and limited bandwidth. Our time is simply our greatest asset and making good use of that time (for whatever purpose you chose) is something many of us find very difficult. “There isn’t enough hours in the day”, something I hear regularly and have told myself also many a time. How do we create more time? Well unfortunately we can’t. We are all allocated 24 hours a day and that is it! Some people can get a lot done in this allocated time, but others […]

setting goals to get results
6Jan, 2016

One way to ensure you get results

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It’s the new year and that mean’s one thing and one thing only….. It’s goal setting/resolution time for most (or for 37% of the British population not goal setting time). YES according to a recent survey 37% of us Brit’s decide to abstain from the resolution/goal setting hype. Us Brits seem to be serial abstainers. But I can’t work out why. The new year serves as a perfect time to improve yourself. The new year serves as a perfect time to regain focus and clarity. The new year serves as a perfect time to […]

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11Dec, 2015

What Conor McGregor taught us about injury recovery

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If you haven’t heard of Conor McGregor there is a high chance you have been hiding under a rock in the middle of nowhere for the last 2 years. Conor McGregor is the interim UFC featherweight champion. He is the Irish superstar who has taken the world of combat sports by storm. His appeal however extends far beyond the combat sports realm and for that reason he has built an army of loyal followers and fans all over the world. He in my opinion the biggest star in the sport of […]

take responsibility for your own health
23Oct, 2015

Your Health Is Your Responsibility Not Mine

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Can you think of the most important character trait you would like in your osteopath, physio, chiropractor, whoever? Friendliness, approachability, caring nature? The number 1 thing I would look for if I was you is honesty. But is honesty always a good thing? Honesty and integrity are two things that I pride myself on. They come naturally, they just feel right. You would think that these character ‘traits’ make me perfectly suited to my role in health care as an osteopath and I would be inclined to agree with you in lot’s of scenarios. But what about […]

change your mindset around pain
8Oct, 2015

Looking At Your Pain From Another Angle For A Better Outcome

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My pain stops me from going to the gym. I used to be able to play football with the kids but can’t anymore because I know it will hurt my back. I had to can’t run anymore because it was causing more damage. I have been told that rest is best for me. Don’t want to keep irritating it. It’s just going to get worse over time. Sound like anyone you know? Sound like you? Ever wondered why despite all the rest, stopping of all the activities you love and continual lifestyle changes, your pain continues to […]