Lewis Bruton

I’m Lewis, the lead personal trainer and sports therapist at Hardiman Performance. My specific training focus is getting people fit and ready for the demands of life, work and sport. I have a particular interest in the prevention of sports injuries and training for sports performance.

Of note, I am particularly focussed on combat sports performance and helping MMA athletes prevent injury/reach their potential. This is my true passion having trained and competed in K-1 Kickboxing, BJJ and wrestling and have attended further CPD courses in S and C for fighters.

My experience and scientific understanding has allowed me to step away from the generic workout programs consisting of 3 sets of 10 on an isolation exercise before moving on to another isolation exercise. I implement training techniques that are backed by science and designed to improve musculoskeletal function and build functional strength inherently whilst meeting your own training goals.

Another key to success is sustainability. Sustainability in lifestyle, training and effort; if you cannot sustain it then it’s a short-term fix with short lasting results. We strive to make training fun and challenging for individuals of all levels of ability while also providing the education and tools to help you change your life in the long term.

We believe that a quality training program is much more than an hour session you turn up for and move heavy objects. Strength, power, speed, agility, mobility, skill, movement pattern development, nutrition, sleep and hydration can all to be developed to achieve maximum results and optimise your body’s natural function.

At Hardiman Performance we place great value on education and strive to educate you the client on the how’s and why’s of your training and daily habits (if indeed you are interested in knowing this stuff).

During this process, it has been our experience that we can develop confidence, motivation and enjoyment of training and it is this that makes people more successful at achieving their goals, both short and long term.

Personal Trainer luton

Efficient movement is one of the cornerstone of Hardiman Performance Training System helping to reduce injury risk, optimise performance and increase benefits from training.

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