Tracking progress over time

Is Day to Day measuring get you off track?

In this post I am going to quickly discuss tracking progress over time with rehab/pain recovery and my view of the best way to action this. The concept is also transferable to other areas and goals…Health, weight, business. Whatever the goal.

My personal advice would to be to avoid getting too bogged down with day to day scoring. 

We know what pain can fluctuate day to day. Much like weight. These day to day fluctuations are rarely a good gauge of your progress. 

Instead try to work in slightly broader blocks. I would recommend at least a monthly block. My personal choice favourite is a 12-week block. Yes, track your progress in smaller blocks throughout the period but don’t get bogged down with what the numbers are saying each day. 

Instead, stick to your plan, programme, diet, work schedule or whatever it may be for the duration of the block (minimum 4 weeks) and then compare your results to the period prior. 

Am I making progress? Can I do more? Am I in less pain? Do I weigh less? etc. 

We can too often get upset about day to day fluctuations or when we haven’t made subjective progress in a week for instance. This can knock our confidence and steer us off track. In my opinion it’s the wrong approach.

It’s the progress over time that counts. Fluctuations will happen so when they do try not to panic because they are not important. It’s the positive trend over time that matters most. 

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Our luton osteopath team take a thorough history, use a visual examination and their hands both to investigate the underlying causes of your pain and to carry out treatment using a variety of techniques.

These may include muscle and connective tissue stretching, rhythmic joint movements or high velocity thrust techniques to improve the range of motion at a joint. Taping, massage techniques and medical acupuncture techniques may also be used by our osteopaths.
Our osteopaths also regularly prescribe at home corrective exercise in order to speed up and facilitate a full recovery, increase strength, muscle length, stability and control in movement and improve confidence in every day tasks.

Whatever the pain or injury, at Hardiman Performance, our osteopaths aim to help you recover in a timely and efficient manner. Our goal is to help you to get back on top form and using your body normally again asap. From office worker to athlete, treatment from our osteopaths is designed to take you from the survive mode and return you to thrive mode.



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