Cervicogenic headaches are headaches which are related to pain coming from musculoskeletal structures in your neck. This can be a muscle, joint, ligament or disc.

These structures can refer pain into your head, face and eyes giving you all the classic signs of a headache. It is usual to notice an increase of symptoms on neck activity or a tightness/decrease in neck range of motion with a cervicogenic headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches are most commonly one sided and can cause symptoms into the base of skull, eyes, forehead, temple or top of skull regions.

If you are suffering with a headache and want to know the route cause and benefit from effective treatment to the area then our team are ready to help you today. Due to the nature of cervicogenic headaches they respond very well to our osteopathic approach to treatment at Hardiman Performance Luton.


Tension headaches are headaches related to tightness or tension in the muscles of the face, jaw and neck. With tension headaches it is common to experience a band like pressure around your whole head and symptoms tend to be felt on both sides.

Tension type headaches can be extremely uncomfortable and can last for up to a few days. In rare cases these types of headaches can persist for much longer periods of time.

Due to the high importance of this area, the biomechanics of the jaw, face and neck are extremely complex. This area is ultimately responsible for keeping us alive as humans (eating, drinking, breathing, communicating).

As this area is so readily used occasionally we can develop certain patterns in it’s use which may lead to overuse and pain. Our osteopaths understand the local mechanics of this area in depth. We can help you understand the reason for your tension type headache and give you the treatment and advice you need to defeat it.


Migraines are quite a distinctive type of headache which are most commonly one sided and associated with photophobia, phono phobia and aura.

There are lots of potential triggers for migraines and it is good attempt to identify these is order to prevent future flare ups. This can range from lifestyle factors, foods, drinks, muscle tensions etc. One theory is that this leads to an imbalance of the sympathetic nervous system in the body causing constriction of small blood vessels.

Osteopathy is ineffective a treating an active migraine. There is lots of research however detailing the use of osteopathy in order to prevent future flare ups. This is accomplished by addressing any undue tensions and restrictions through the neck, upper back and ribs. It is theorised that tension in these areas can aggravate the sympathetic ganglion in the region leading to overstimulation.

Despite lack of true understand of the exact cause of migraine it is clear from the research that osteopathic treatment is beneficial in the management of migraine. At Hardiman Performance our osteopaths have continued success in the treatment of such complaints and can help you also to prevent future flare ups.


Headaches can be complex and concerning. You can take reassurance however that most headaches are usually benign and respond to our osteopathic treatment at Hardiman Performance. There are some headaches which may need to be looked at by specialists outside of our practice.

Our osteopaths use the most up to date clinical testing to screen for any concerning symptoms. At Hardiman Performance we always make sure that our patients get the best care, so if we cannot personally help you with your headache we will make sure that you see the right person who can.