Hima Padhiar M.Ost

Female Osteopath Luton – Hima Padhiar M.Ost

Our female Osteopath Hima qualified from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly known as the British School of Osteopathy). As a practitioner she has a deep and intuitive understanding of the human body and its healing capacity leading to a keen interest in understanding how restrictions, old injuries and lifestyle factors may lead to pain and dysfunction. She then uses a holistic approach to get to the root cause of the symptoms whilst keeping the patient involved in their own recovery.

Hima always tailors treatment to the patients needs mainly using a combination of structural, visceral and functional approaches. She is also particularly passionate about treating hypermobility and visceral disorders along with headaches and migraines. Hima is also a specialist in taping, dry needling and cupping.

a female osteopath in luton

Hima has always had an interest in healthcare but it was not until later on in life she developed an interest in osteopathy. From a teen Hima had been diagnosed with benign hypermobility syndrome which had caused her many problems. It was during this time she started to see various practitioners to help with the symptoms but for her osteopathy was the real stand out. It was from these sessions she developed her own interest in the profession and with some encouragent from her practitioner decided to pursue a career in osteopathy. She enjoys being able to help patients to achieve their goals, whether it is managing their pain or improving their quality of life.

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