My 12 year drug addiction

Today I am going to share with you something I have never told anyone, ever. Something that is a secret and that I carry with me every single day. Something that alters every decision I make, changes the way I act and influences my health physically, mentally and emotionally. Hold on tight….because things are about to get interesting.

For the last 12 years  I have been addicted to a very powerful drug. A drug that I have been using in some form or another for most of my life. A drug which is potentially the most powerful drug available on the market due to its’ ability to alter the human physiology and form. A drug which is readily available and in the most part free. A drug which many others are using daily too.


Before you judge me let me explain something to you. I got involved with this drug for recreational reasons at first but the more I used it the more powerful it became.  When I have a short break from it my body craves it. I used to use it multiple times a day but now I tend to stick to once a day, twice at the most. I don’t see my addiction stopping anytime soon though.

Before I tell you what it is let me tell you what I use it for.

  1. It clears my mind.
  2. Improves my physical pain.
  3. Improves my mood.
  4. It allows me to focus.
  5. Increases my physical strength.
  6. Improves my systemic health.
  7. It fights any negatives thought.
  8. Improves my muscle and joint health.

Now I told a little fib a little earlier. This is not only one drug but a combination of complex drugs which are blended into one digestible form. A potent super drug that if taken every day will completely alter your physiology.

It comes in many different forms but for the most part the above effects are universal.   This drug can be taken at any time of the day and on any day of the week. It can be taken slow or fast. It can be done with others or on your own. It changes lives every single day. It can change your life.


Here are some of the active ingredients.

Irisin – A powerful hormone which alters fat cells to burn fat rather than store it. It also lengthens telomeres and has been shown to have protective benefits against a whole host of diseases including cancer, heart disease and cognitive decline.

Testosterone – The hormone which makes men MEN. It makes bones and muscles strong and keeps that all important sex drive high.

Endorphins – A potent hormone which increases happiness but also acts as a powerful pain killing drug.

Seratonin – A hormone which increases energy and allows for clearer focus.

BNDF – Alters brain function. Combats depression.

Glycerol – A strong drug enabling the break down of fat tissues.

There are also a whole host of other drugs blended in which help increase strength, improve cardiovascular health, decrease blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels. If you are going to be addicted to any drug why not make it one with a load of health benefits. I can see you smiling. You probably want some for yourself don’t you?

Well the good news is that it is totally legal. In fact GP’s prescribe it every day to patients. Even better news is that you don’t need a prescription to get it.  You can source it yourself and start enjoying all the amazing benefits it has to offer immediately. If you do need some help with it though just ask me. I know some great dealers which may be suitable for you depending on how you want to use the drug.

Yes I am saying go out and get some of this drug. It is the worlds most powerful medication and you can get it for free. Use it 3 -5 times a week and you can get all the amazing benefits it has to offer.


I still haven’t told you the name of this drug have I? But let’s be honest you have probably taken it at some point in your life too. If you haven’t I strongly advise you do so. So what is it?

Here goes……

The drug I have been addicted to for the last 12 years is…..Wait for it…. The drug is….


Yes exercise. Exercise is the worlds most powerful drug. Its benefits are so vast and so amazing that it is crazy to think that some people are not using this drug on a regular basis. Don’t be that person. If you want to enjoy the benefits of improved health, focus, mood, strength, physique. Less pain, stress, depression and anger. Plus a whole host of other amazing stuff. I strongly advise getting involved in exercise on a regular basis in 2016.

Now is your chance to make a change which will alter everything in your life. Your future is in your hands right now. Don’t wait any longer. Become a super version of you today. Go out and get hold of the best drug you will ever take. Go out and do some exercise!


If you are ready to hit the exercise hard this year and don’t want injury getting in the way of your goals then I have a made a guide just for you. This 10 step guide will provide you with all the tips you need to stay injury free whilst exercising this year. The best part is that it can be downloaded here today for FREE.


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