COVID-19 Policy

For those with clinical needs where they require a face to face visit to our clinic, we have re-opened our doors. To ensure patient, staff and wider public safety we have put the following measures in place. 
  1. All patients and staff will be asked to read and confirm they agree to this policy before attending their appointment.
  2. We ask all patients and staff, to reschedule appointments if they currently have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, live in a household with somebody with current symptoms or have been in contact with somebody with suspected of confirmed COVID-19 within the last 14 days. Please follow government guidance on isolation.
  3. All patients will be triaged prior to appointment to assess suitability for face to face consultations.
  4. If there is no requirement to come into clinic for a face to face visit we will be conducting consultations via our virtual health service.
  5. We ask all patients in the shielded/vulnerable group and those who live with them to not attend appointments at the clinic and instead use the virtual health service we provide.
  6. All patients will be asked to attend their appointment no earlier than 2 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time.
  7. To prevent patient cross over we have scheduled gaps between each appointment.
  8. We ask that patients attend on their own or if under 18 years of age with one chaperone only.
  9. Our reception team are operating virtually to prevent any unnecessary contact with the practitioners or patients.
  10. We ask that all payments be made either through bank transfer or by contactless phone payment.
  11. Practitioners will be wearing PPE in line with public health England guidance on PPE for primary care which may include the following; gloves, mask, apron and glasses.
  12. Practitioners are following donning and waste disposal procedures as recommended by public health England.
  13. We will be asking all patients to wash their hands at the start and end of each appointment.
  14. In the scheduled appointment breaks, rooms and surfaces will be disinfected and rooms aerated.
  15. We ask that if you have a mask/face covering this is worn when you attend your appointment.
  16. All towels, plinth covers have been removed from the premises and pillow cases replaced with plastic to allow for easy cleaning.
  17. We have removed all unnecessary equipment from the clinic to allow for easy cleaning of surfaces.
  18. No drinks or reading material will be offered to patients for infection control reasons.
  19. If you are unsure of any of the above and are for what ever reason concerned about attending your appointment. Please contact us by phone or email.
We would like to ensure you that we have put every measure in to make your visit to Hardiman Performance safe and so that you can receive the healthcare that you require. We ask that all stick to the current measures as advised.
Yours in health,
Dale Hardiman
Online Osteopathy