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Jake is a passionate osteopath, who has a keen interest in managing both acute and chronic pain.

As an avid sports and exercise enthusiast, Jake is passionate about helping individuals from various sporting backgrounds. He has worked with professional athletes such as boxers, rugby players, and footballers, and understands the value of osteopathy in injury prevention and performance optimization. However, Jake’s expertise extends beyond athletes and he takes a holistic approach to treatment, utilizing the body’s natural ability to heal and adapt to overcome various pain presentations.

Jake’s treatment approach is diverse and may include manual therapy and a rehabilitation protocol. He is knowledgeable and empathetic, ensuring that each patient receives comprehensive treatment and a full opportunity for recovery. Jake is also a fitness enthusiast who has played football at a high level and participated in various sports such as tennis, squash, rugby, and cycling. He has recently conducted research into the role of manual therapy in the management of chronic respiratory conditions and plans to implement these findings in practice. Appointments can be made through the online booking form or by contacting the clinic at 01582 318980.

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